I was so excited when I received the email invitation to sing on the TCT Network Spring Telethon.  I had told some of my partners that I really felt that God was going to open up TV in the year of 2014, and sure enough God is NOW moving in that arena.  Just last month I was asked to join a program that airs local TBN in St.Joseph, Kansas City areas reaching thousands.

I was scheduled to do only one day at the telethon, but was welcomed to stay a 2nd day as well.  This was my FIRST TELETHON ever, airring LIVE moving from set to set.  It was incredible and I thank God for the experience and the things that I learned.  No one knew that this was my FIRST TIME at this level ( I was so glad... LOL)  To sing in the round with Walt Mills and Dan Willis was an honor.  

Being a part of the TCT Family Network TEAM was wonderful.  They were so welcoming and I felt right at home.  There was no competing of any sort and every talent, every voice was appreciated no matter what genre (type of music) you sang.   I didnt  realize until I got home how drained I was from the nonstop 4 hour show on both days.  The checking into hotel, rehearsing songs, going early for soundchecks, all the vocal warmups and making sure CD soundtracks were all crystal clear, organized and ready to go.  This is not a joke - there is WORK involved in producing excellence and I LOVED it!!!!!!!!! 

Looking into a camera box I had to really focus on seeing the unseen.   Seeing people instead of just seeing the object of a camera and a person behind it.  The positioning of oneself to minister to multiple thousands in one time without being in a mega building or seeing an audience of thousands sitting before them, was a focused discipline as I dug down deep in my spirit to see the one sitting on a couch or the one eating lunch, etc. as they watched the TV.   This was different than singing in church for sure, but the anointing was just as powerful as if I was in church.  To know that in a matter of singing a 5 minute song, that I was singing in all the United States and Canada to literally thousands was such an awesome inner reward.  As I heard all of the pledges coming thru and where they were coming from NY,  MI, CA,NC, TX, and lots more - I was like,,,,,,, WOW this is awesome!

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