Brenda McClintock has a unique anointing and mantle to take you from where you are and transport you into the Presence of God.  Her intimacy with God is obvious.  Her integrity is impeccable.  Her passion for God is contagious.  She is authentic and anointed to bring deliverance, joy, worship and vision.  Your life will be transformed by her ministry."     Dr. Mike Brown    Sanctuary of Hope-Branson, MO            _____________________________________________________________”
Pastor Brenda McClintock is one of God's rising leading female Pastors and Artist.  The thrust of her unique anointing has allowed her to stand and sing in places where other women have not been allowed in times past.  When she sings or teaches, the outpour of God that permeates from her is her signature mark that brings deliverance and ushers others into His Presence.  Many women have done noble things, but she excels them all!    Dr. Patricia M. Phillips    Power of Change Christian Center-St. Louis, MO         _ __________________________________________________________”
I believe Brenda is one of the most exciting, young women to hit the gospel scene in many years.  An accomplished songwriter, singer who not only is loaded with talent, but carries an extreme anointing, that will carry you into the Heavenlies.    Apostle Fred Pine    Joshua Prophetic House-Willard, MO          ______________________________________________________________”
We had the opportunity to have Brenda McClintock at our church for an outdoors event and for special songs in our Sunday morning service.Brenda has the ability to flow any direction needed. For example--while here she evangelized, sang solos, and also sang with our worship team. She has an amazing voice and an anointing to follow what the Lord wants accomplished.I would recommend her to any church that desires an anointed, uplifting singer who really brings a dynamic feel to whatever she does.    Pastor Dave Muolo    City Church-Blue Springs, MO           _____________________________________________________________”

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