I was so excited when I received the email invitation to sing on the TCT Network Spring Telethon.  I had told some of my partners that I really felt that God was going to open up TV in the year of 2014, and sure enough God is NOW moving in that arena.  Just last month I was asked to join a program that airs local TBN in St.Joseph, Kansas City areas reaching thousands.

I was scheduled to do only one day at the telethon, but was welcomed to stay a 2nd day as well.  This was my FIRST TELETHON ever, airring

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Express Yourself 

Expressions of love are vital and necessary in any relationship.  What we nourish and cultivate will grow.  I express all the time to my children, whether they think it's too much or not, because love is in my heart and it wants to come out.

All the busyness of life can leave us tired and wanting, and we pull up from giving outward.  I have found that as long as I keep ouring out to the "right" people in my life, that there is a return of that deposit that comes back sometime, somewhere.  Always remember…

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Great Mothers 

I honor my wonderful mother Barbara Pine who has been such an amazing friend, a great example of Godly living, love and happiness.  She has weathered many storms and remains true and loyal to God, family and friends. 

I'm so glad that I can experience a gift such as she.  Thank you mom for seeing my destiny of the "right' husband, of singing my heart out to God, and all "the other things".  I'm glad you pushed me beyond my fears and was very firm in your stand of what you seen in me. 

I love you so very…

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Welcome to all my NEW PARTNERS.  I'm thrilled that just in the last few weeks, God is drawing on the hearts of those blessed by this ministry to now financially partner on a monthly basis.  WOW.  It's a new season and an accelerated time of the Holy Spirit breathing on the ministry. My "inner circle" came to me and said, "Pastor Brenda, why don't we ask for people to join as a partner that are blessed by your ministry?" I told them to go ahead with the unction the Holy Spirit placed in them, and  BAM,, it

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Are you ready for the Holiday Season? WOW, can you believe it's almost November. I shake my head and wonder where did this year go??????????????????? It moved so FAST,, and to think that Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here. Oh boy,,,, here comes my kids Christmas list. Getting out the tree, changing the scenery of the house with lights and garlands, decorating outside, decorating the church,, are you tired yet? (LOL) Do you have my Christmas CD ? It's only $10 and it's cool.

Update on Travels 

Oh,, I love to sing!! Thank you Jesus. I spoke and sang at the Elfindale Mansion and that was very special. It was so nice to meet some new people Then I went to Branson at the Chateau on the Lake for a conference. I sang the songs - "He'll Do It Again"- WOW, it's been 11 years since I sang that one,,, but God really met me in the song and it was POWERFULLY STRONG, then I sang the song "I'm Healed. Received so many comments, sold Cd's, met new pastors, business people from TX, LA, IL, PA, NY, and…

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It's so beautiful outside with all the leaves changing color.   I enjoyed just "hanging out" in the sunshine observing the other day.  Summer is my most favorite time of the seasons, but change is always around the corner.   It can be a new season for you too!  Just came from a "Get Motivated" Day with 1000's of people in attendance.  It was fun and interesting.    At EHWC, we just had a Pastors Appreciation and what a great group of people is in the midst.  We have a team that is dynamic and becoming…

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City Church Was Great! 

Had a wonderful time with City Church.  The Outreach day had 2300 people come throughout the day.  The wind and weather was cloudy, very cool, but was able to sing anyway!

I'll try to post some picutres of it,......if I can figure out how (lol).

Thank you Pastor and City Church for sharing your Sunday Services with me.  Recieved many encouraging comments and the one that stuck out to me the most was when one lady came to me and said. "That was SO powerful,,,,,, now you have real power.  As I was

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Hey Everyone,

Thank you for your wonderful comments.  I always cherish friends and those that God has connected me with.  Our connections are on purpose and they are powerful when we unify our efforts.  I know you have my back and I appreciate every "cheer" and every prayer.  I enjoy communicating with you and keeping the fire burning.   Love You, Pastor Brenda 

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I'm so excited with each session of studio. I truly believe this CD will grab the heart, help you break through to deeper places in God and propel you forward in Christ. As I listen to the raw tracks going in for Mix Down,... it ministers to me and sparks a flame deep inside, over and over again. I really want to get this CD into your hands!! It's coming soon - INTIMACY- In To Me See! Doing it all for the Kingdom sake!

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