Express Yourself

Expressions of love are vital and necessary in any relationship.  What we nourish and cultivate will grow.  I express all the time to my children, whether they think it's too much or not, because love is in my heart and it wants to come out.

All the busyness of life can leave us tired and wanting, and we pull up from giving outward.  I have found that as long as I keep ouring out to the "right" people in my life, that there is a return of that deposit that comes back sometime, somewhere.  Always remember, that someone around you needs your smile, your touch..... your expression.  Express while you can, as long as you can and as deep as you can.

Jesus, with the greatest love of all, gave himself.  What a priceless gift to you and me.  THOSE expressions are not forgotten.  I had a deep refreshing just yesterday as the HolySpirit awakened me out of sleep, with hearing a song in the faint distance.  It was a song off the Intimacy CD, I went downstairs, played the song and ohhhhhh the Presence and the power of God was so thick in the room, surrounding every part of me.  With sobs, tears, and a strong focus in the Spirit, I leaned into His arms and there my love was renewed, like blowing on burning embers of fire.  He spoke to me and said "My Valentines Day Comes First".  I realized as in other times before, that His closeness was immediately available when I followed through in obedience to His unction to awaken, and then run toward Him.  Next instructions came to me and I am refreshed and ignited!!

There's no one like Him.   Jesus Lover of my soul.... I could sing of your love forever.  Get under the shadow, find the secret place and hear your next instructions.  Don't live life without His Voice.

Give as much as you can, and as often as you can.   Blessings!

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