Last week, we started working on putting demo packages together to send to Pastors, Fellowship Groups, Record Labels, other Recording Artists and misc. contacts. The team here is faithfully working on getting the news out of this new project release and now in this season "Brenda McClintock Ministries." Prophetic words have come forth and so many confirmations from different ones have been given, all sensing the same things. Truly a new season has dawned and we are carefully walking it out together. Prayer warriors have been anointing, laying hands on these packages and believing for the open doors God has promised and spoken. The atmosphere in the room of prayer was amazing both times last week. Travail, tears, victory praise , has all been part of this sendoff. Next week, will be the next send off, as we are working on more packages. In the weeks to follow, we will be following up on the reception of the packages and then we'll see what God does. Lord,,, we believe right now for a "WHAT THE?!?" anointing , as these packages are opened and listened to.

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