Latest Update

It's been so busy. Just finished a Tent Crusade that was held in Republic, MO. I ministered a message on "The Broken Cycle". The dance team did a wonderful job and our praise team,,,,,, I am so proud of all of you! I have started a new avenue of ministry - Jr. Ministry. God spoke to me and said It's time for the next generation to come forward - they need a mentor. "Becoming the church of tomorrow, while being actively involved in the church of today". Our Jr. Ministry services have been so powerful. My son, David, age 13 preached FOR REAL. I'm so proud of the anointing he carries and the mantle that's on his life. Jr. Ministry Services are ran totally by the youth from beginning to finish. (come check it out,,, last Sunday Night in every month.........) And yes, you heard right,,,, I'm in studio again and enjoying every second of it. I always get so much feedback from doing worship. The prophetic that "breaks out" or the new melodies that come forth is so on target and the deep calls to the deep. I love to go to that place. It's amazing and wonderful. This CD, will not consist of just songs, but rather real love melodies and instantaneous expressions of the heart. Don't know for sure when a RELEASE date will be, but I'll let you know. I love being among people that love to worship and give their best praise to God. One of my favorite groups is "Shekaniah Glory" from Chicago. I've been listening to Satellite radio (praise 68) and I am always finding a new artist and new songs that are such a blessing to my life. Gotta go for now,.....I'll try to give you more news, more often. You can make a comment, I would love to hear from you. Brenda Mc