Welcome to all my NEW PARTNERS.  I'm thrilled that just in the last few weeks, God is drawing on the hearts of those blessed by this ministry to now financially partner on a monthly basis.  WOW.  It's a new season and an accelerated time of the Holy Spirit breathing on the ministry. My "inner circle" came to me and said, "Pastor Brenda, why don't we ask for people to join as a partner that are blessed by your ministry?" I told them to go ahead with the unction the Holy Spirit placed in them, and  BAM,, it all started happening.   It was not my idea or my initiative.  I'm thankful to be surrounded by people that truly love and care for Brenda McClintock Ministries and its destiny.

I have been seeking the Lord, hungering for the deeper dimensions of his presence that brings the "glory".  Miracles, Signs and Wonders begin to take place and lives are changed forever.  More than a touch, more than an anointing, more than beautiful music,.......we need the "glory" to once again fill our sanctuaries & our homes.

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