It's so beautiful outside with all the leaves changing color.   I enjoyed just "hanging out" in the sunshine observing the other day.  Summer is my most favorite time of the seasons, but change is always around the corner.   It can be a new season for you too!  Just came from a "Get Motivated" Day with 1000's of people in attendance.  It was fun and interesting.    At EHWC, we just had a Pastors Appreciation and what a great group of people is in the midst.  We have a team that is dynamic and becoming diamonds...... as the prophet said.  What a word we all received!!! WOW.    Eagle Heights is growing and we are Having Fun at EHWC.  We're about to "turn the corner" and experience our best days yet ahead of us.  Well,,,,gotta get ready for Woman to Woman Fellowship tonight.  Blessings to all of you! 


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